Affluent Event Center


Enjoy a multitude of amenities for your event

Ample On-Site Parking

Enjoy the convenience of stress-free arrivals and departures with our generous on-site parking. Your guests can focus on the celebration, knowing that parking is readily available and easily accessible.


Stay connected seamlessly throughout your event with our high-speed Wi-Fi. Our reliable Wi-Fi ensures a smooth experience for everyone.

Two Flat-Screen TVs

Enhance your event with multimedia displays on our two flat-screen TVs. Perfect for slideshows, presentations, or adding an extra touch of entertainment, these screens offer versatility to amplify your celebration.

Bar Service Area

Raise a toast to memorable moments at our dedicated bar service area. Our skilled bartenders are ready to craft the perfect beverages, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your event.

Ice Machine

Keep the refreshments flowing with ease, thanks to our on-site ice machine. Chilled drinks and beverages are always within reach, ensuring your guests stay cool and comfortable.

Fully Equipped Kitchen W/Microwave

Culinary excellence is at your fingertips with our fully equipped kitchen. Whether you're hosting a catered affair or preparing on-site, our kitchen provides the tools for a seamless and delicious dining experience.

Up to 20 Tables & 150 Banquet Chairs

Configure the space to your liking with our versatile setup options. With up to 20 tables and 150 banquet chairs, you have the flexibility to create a layout that perfectly complements the atmosphere you envision.

Multi-User Restrooms

Our thoughtfully designed multi-user restrooms prioritize guest comfort and convenience, minimizing wait times and allowing everyone to freshen up with ease.

Coat Check Area

Coat Check Area

Offer your guests a seamless experience with our designated coat check area. This thoughtful amenity ensures that personal belongings are safely stored, allowing everyone to enjoy the event without unnecessary encumbrances.

Three 6' Rectangle Tables

Versatility meets elegance with three 6' rectangle tables. Whether used for display, food service, or as central gathering points, these tables provide additional options for enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your event space.


Elevate your event with a dedicated stage, perfect for speeches, performances, or any focal point you desire. Our stage adds an element of grandeur to your celebration, making every moment feel like a spotlight.

Capacity 200 | 7200 Square Feet

Elegance meets scale in our expansive venue accommodating up to 200 guests across 7200 square feet. Unleash your creativity for large-scale events without sacrificing sophistication.

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